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Lamma Island

A pavilion on Lamma Island overlooking Sok Kwu Wan with its seafood restaurants and floating fish farms.
Lamma Island is a good place to get away after a large dose of crowds from visiting the sights of Hong Kong.

Lamma Island is a small island still relatively quiet, with a few trails on it. And: no cars!! (Well, except a few small go-cart-like goods vehicles.) On it - the island, that is, you will find small shops, some paved trails, a few small vegetable fields, a few beaches, and seafood restaurants. Last but not least, there's also a wind turbine for generating electricity.

You can take a ferry from one of the outlying island piers just west of the new Star Ferry pier in Central, outside of IFC mall. (At the time of writing, it is pier number 4.)

The ferry fare on weekdays is a bit cheaper than weekends. The island is also quieter on weekdays. If you really like to get some laid back time, there are holiday lodges for rent at quite reasonable prices by Hong Kong standard. But don't expect luxury.

What to do on Lamma Island ...

Above: huts on stilts near the ferry pier.

Above: "grandma's" tofu gelatin, a popular shop run by an old lady selling tasty "tofu fa"


Taking the ferry will be the normal way to go. (Abnormal ways include swimming, walking on water, parachuting in, going by submarine, etc.)

By MTR and then Ferry

  1. Get off at Central station of the dark blue line of the MTR subway trains.
  2. Don't exit the turnstiles but head over to the connected Hong Kong station (by following the signs to Tung Chung line)
  3. Take exit A2 which will take you through the IFC mall just a bit. (Note: Hong Kong station and Central stations have exits by the same designation, so don't exit at exit A2 of the Central station by mistake)
  4. Once you leave the mall, follow the footbridge and then turn left and then onto a long elevated pedestrian walkway (going north toward the harbor)
  5. At the end of the elevated walkway you'll see the Star Ferry pier. Go to the left.
  6. One of the piers is for Lamma Island.
See map below of ferry pier in Central.

Hong Kong Central district map

hotel restaurant clusters

(updated 2011.4.1)
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