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The Unofficial Guide to Hong Kong

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Hallelujah flash mob - Merry Christmas! NEW
Christmas church services 2010 updated
San Francisco tourist guide > San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, cable car, sea lions. NEW
Summer vacation in Hong Kong
Hong Kong weddings
Hong Kong dim sum lunch - the drill, the meal, the bill p.2
Historical sights & attractions e.g. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum
Century-old gas-powered street lamps
The show on the road: bamboo scaffolding project
Coliseums & stadiums in Hong Kong
1881 Heritage - the new shopping and historical attraction, with a Ball Tower, main building , and nice courtyard.
Taipei transportation.
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Taipei - a city not far from Hong Kong for getting away
Singapore - the nearby garden city for a break from Hong Kong
Beijing - city not far from Hong Kong worth visiting; Bird's Nest Stadium; Beijing Capital International Airport
Hong Kong Tourist Guide, Key information for visitors - a list of pages to check out before your trip to Hong Kong (updated)
International Commerce Center - the next tallest building
The Center - building with the cool neon lights
Back streets in Central
Chinese Dim Sum Lunch in Hong Kong - the drill, the meal, the bill
Tsim Sha Tsui restaurants
South Horizons - a housing complex on the South side...
Hong Kong city guide - fingertip information and statistics
Tips on choosing a hotel - location, room size, view... (updated)
Aberdeen Jumbo floating restaurant (updated)
Hong Kong subway MTR (updated)
Hong Kong Park
Hong Kong Cultural Center
Hong Kong Space Museum
Writeups on hotels
Hong Kong fast food
...more what's new | what's new in Hong Kong
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