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Sports Cars

Italian & otherwise

McLaren sports car
McLaren beauty - among other sports cars, you can also find McLarens in Hong Kong. Their showroom is in Wan Chai.
Lamborghini at Victoria Park
Lamborghini at Victoria Park
a Lotus sports car
a Lotus sports car
a Maserati sports car in a parking garage
metallic blue Tesla
metallic blue Tesla
red Ferrari
red Ferrari at valet
red Ferrari & admirers
red Ferrari & admirers
silver McLaren ready to rumble
silver McLaren ready to rumble
Hong Kong may not be Indianapolis, but fast cars are a dime a dozen - well, so to speak! Just about any name brand sports cars can be seen, and heard, in Hong Kong, even though they may just be stuck in traffic like everyone else - in style though.

If you would like to admire some of these beautiful machines up close, you don't have to wait on the roadside for them to rumble by. There's a stretch of car dealers on Gloucester Road in Wan Chai that specialize in them, both the cars and the rumble! Go before it's still not a tourist attraction yet; no line and no restrictions - that is, they let you into the store without making you line up outside like in some name brand stores on Canton Road in TST. Who knows! After we talk about them, it may become a tourist attraction and they'll have to start charging for admission!

Spotted by us here include both Italian sports cars and others - Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston-Martin, Lotus, etc. But no DeLorean, it seems, so you'll have to go back to the future to see those! And for a glimpse of a Tesla, the electric sports car that can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, you'll have to go elsewhere.

If you're living in Hong Kong and want to take one of these high performance automobiles out for a spin before adding it to your collection of toys, they might even deliver the car to your home for a test-drive. Or if you just want to be Michael Schumacher for a day, there's probably a place to rent one - as long as you can pay for the insurance, I would think.


Wan Chai map

(updated 2011.6.18)


The sports car dealer strip on Gloucester Road is located between Luard Road and Marsh Road. It's easily accessible by MTR, buses, taxis, or even trams. Of course the MTR is the most convenient.

From Wan Chai

  1. Ride the MTR to the Wan Chai station on the blue line and get off (not the Chai Wan station).
  2. Get out of the station through exit A2 or A4 at Hennessy Rd.
  3. Once above ground, you'll see a pedestrian overpass next to you (on O'Brien Rd). Get on it.
  4. Go north on the overpass toward Victoria Harbor.
  5. The third cross street below is Gloucester. Get off the overpass before passing over it i.e. get off on the south side of Gloucester Rd.
  6. Once on Gloucester Rd, there're sports car showrooms for one block until Luard Rd to the west (left if facing Gloucester), and for 4 blocks until Marsh Road to the east (right if facing Gloucester).

From Causeway Bay

  1. Ride the MTR to the Causeway Bay station on the blue line and get off.
  2. Get out of the station through exit C.
  3. Once above ground, you'll be on Lockhart Road. Go left.
  4. At the first cross street, which is Percival Street, turn right and cross Lockhart Road.
  5. Pass Jeffe Road and turn left at Gloucester Road.
  6. Go under the overpass on Canal Rd West.
  7. Go under the overpass on Marsh Rd. The sports car showrooms are on your left one after another for five blocks pretty much all the way to Luard Road.

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