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Top 10 Hong Kong Sights & Attractions

When it comes to the top attractions and sights in Hong Kong a tourist must see, it is hard to say exactly how they rank. After all, every person has their own preference. But I'm quite certain about the top two. Perhaps after you've been here, you'll have your own ranking. If you're traveling as a family with kids, check out this page with a different ranking just for that.

1. Victoria Peak

View from Victoria Peak
Take the Peak Tram up to the Victoria Peak and get a magnificent view of the Kowloon Penisula with Hong Kong Island buildings in the foreground.

Best time to go - the later at night, the clearer the view. more about Victoria Peak

2. Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront

Stroll along the pedestrian-only promenade at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront and enjoy the breathtaking view of the skyline of Hong Kong Island.

Good time to go - any time; best time - after dark. more about the TST promenade

Hong Kong Island skyline viewed from Tsim Sha Tsui promenade

3. "Ladies' Market"

Ladies Market Nicknamed "Ladies' Street" or "Women's Street" by the locals, this is a street market that has grown from shopping grounds of locals to a hangout for both locals and tourists. T-shirts, watches, ties, jeans, towels, and a slew of low-cost items can be found there.

Best time to go - in the afternoon. more about Ladies" market

4. Stanley

Stanley Market An area with a small town feel, Stanley is away from the densely populated Hong Kong with the famous Stanley Market, a strip of restaurants, plus a small shopping center. An interesting landmark is an old building moved there stone by stone from Central district and reassembled again. It's now home to some nice restaurants by the sea. Stanley is also one of the popular areas for expats who have chosen to move to Hong Kong.

Best time to go to shop - during the day. more about Stanley

5. Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay Beach The Repulse Bay is a beach known for its gradual slope of shallow water. It does get crowded in summer. more about Repulse Bay

6. Mongkok

Nathan Rd., Mongkok Mongkok is a densely populated area teaming with activities day and night. Good place to go if you want to shop for consumer electronics. The Langham Place hotel & mall complex is there for shopping and 'high tea' as well. more about Mongkok

7. Central District

Central District "Central" is the central business district and location of business headquarters, embassies and consulates, and main government buildings of Hong Kong. You can also ride the Mid-levels escalators up the hill and stop off somewhere along the way for a meal. more about Central

8. Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park Ocean Park is a theme park to see sea creatures, ride rides, ride cable gondolas, and say "hi" to pandas. (When did pandas start living in the ocean?) Best time to go - go for the whole day! more about Ocean Park

9. Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Need I introduce?! more about HK Disneyland

10. Sheung Wan District

Walk around on the side streets of Sheung Wan to the south of Des Voeux Rd and see shops and buildings that have retained a trace of the old Hong Kong. It's also home to lots of shark's fins and bird's nests - minus their original owners.

Best time - day time.

To get there, just take the MTR and get off at the Sheung Wan Station. Then take the exit for the Western Market and walk west.


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