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Hong Kong Skyline

from Tsim Sha Tsui promenade

Above: the gorgeous skyline of Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui promenade across the Victoria Harbor.

I might not have seen all the city skylines in the whole world, but is there a need after this? Of course the view is still not as good as that from Victoria Peak, but then this is so accessible - just a ferry ride, an MTR ride (get off at Tsim Sha Tsui station and walk south), a bus ride, or a stroll from the MTR Hung Hom station. more about TST promenade - the location with this view

Photo tip: if you just want to take a photo of the view at night without any people, turn off your flash and hold your camera very still, or use a tripod or set it on top of something. If you want to include people, set your camera to 'night portrait' mode (it's often indicated by an icon like that to the left - a person with a star behind). But be sure to hold the camera very still for a few seconds after the flash goes off. Otherwise, you'll get a blurred background.

If you'd like to enjoy this view from your hotel room, there're a number of hotels with harbor view rooms in Hong Kong. But of course you'll need to pay a bit more.


Above: the skyline of East Kowloon from Quarry Bay.

Above: skyline of Hong Kong from the Victoria Peak

Above: skyline of Hong Kong from the revolving restaurant in Wan Chai.

Above: Hong Kong at night is quite colorful with all the neon lights.

Hotels in the Area

Inter Continental HK Hotel
Located right on the harbor front, it has excellent view of the beautiful HK Island skyline.

Salisbury YMCA Hotel
Located at its prime location of one block from the harbor, it has the view at a lower price than the other harbor-view hotels.

Marco Polo HK Hotel
Situated in the Harbor City mall complex, you can go shopping in your PJ's - almost!

Hullett House Hotel
Refurbished from a historical building, it's now home to fine dining, luxury accommodations, and designer label shopping.
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