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What to do on Lamma Island

When you go to Lamma Island, the first thing that you need to decide is which bay to head for because that determines which ferry you would take. There is a map at the ferry pier in Central to give you some idea. (Left: the map at the Central ferry pier)

There are two bays (or, "wan", in Chinese) served by the public ferries that you can consider: Yung Shue Wan, and Sok Kwu Wan.

Sok Kwu Wan is known for its seafood restaurants - many company yacht rides make that as the destination for dinner.

There is a small town at Yung Shue Wan with all kinds of shops and restaurants - Thai, Japanese, Chinese, seafood, fusion; there are even a few bars, and internet cafes. And if you are short on cash, there are even ATMs to help you have money to spend!

This little town is a good place to get some souvenirs. Some stores actually have stuff that you can't easily find elsewhere - like melted coke bottles and fish ornaments! There're a few more stores along the beginning of the trail toward the other bay, but they thin out soon.


Here's one possible itinerary - take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan from Central District on Hong Kong Island some time in the morning. (The fast ferry takes about 30 minutes.) When you arrive, follow the path to the right after you get off the pier. Look around the little town and do some shopping before having lunch. You can even have "dim sum" here at one of the seaside restaurants.

After lunch, it is time to walk off the extra pounds and head for the other bay - Sok Kwu Wan. It is just about an hour and a half away along a paved path, but there are some hills.

The path to get there is marked by a sign in the little town pointing left saying "Hung Shing Yeh Beach & Sok Kwu Wan" (you will see it if you keep on the same path after you turn right from the ferry pier - if you get to the nursing home, you have gone too far). (Left: the sign marking the turn off to take to Sok Kwu Wan)

It will be good to pick up some drinks and snacks in the little town because the shops will thin out after you get on the trail - but there are a couple of spots where you can get some, one of which is a bean curd gelatin desert place run by an old lady.

On the way, you will pass by a beach, a couple of pavilions, and some caves believed to have been planned by Japanese soldiers as Kamikaze naval bases - well, places where they were going to hide Kamikaze speedboats for attacking warships.

Then at the end of the trail at Sok Kwu Wan, you can reward yourself with some seafood before taking the ferry back.

If you're really running out of ideas of what to do on Lamma Island, you can always just watch the fish dry!
local eggs?
Above: fresh seafood for you to point and choose to be your dinner - they do cook it in between
Chinese sweets bean curd jello
Above left: gooey and tasty Chinese treats   Above right: bean curd gelatin
Above right: Kamikaze caves
Above middle: tongue and tonsils(?) hanging at a butcher shop. | Above right: just follow your nose to find durians available for enjoyment


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