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Cheung Chau
an outlying island in Hong Kong
Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

Accessible by ferry from the Central Ferry Pier in Central, Cheung Chau is one of the "out-lying" islands to go for getting away from the crowds - somewhat. At least there is one thing nice about it - no cars at all - except for small motorized delivery trucks. There is a hotel plus God knows how many smaller holiday "resorts" / cabins. There're also a number of camp grounds for church retreats and group or family camps. But they're typically not the living in tent kind of camping. (Right: booths just outside the ferry pier ready to rent you a room.) (2008.10.3)

Cheung Chau's pride is being home to the first ever Olympic gold medalist from Hong Kong.

Even though it is not that big an island, at time of writing, there are at least two "dim-sum" restaurants for you to go "yum-cha". But then don't expect the most delicious food nor a very wide variety. After all, they are just little local restaurants. Nevertheless there are chicken feet to satisfy your desire to taste some local delicacies! more (As of 2006.7.24)

If you are interested in taking a dip, there are public beaches with shower facilities. One of such is just minutes walk from the ferry pier.

There are also some old houses with wooden gates which are not too common nowadays.

Above: a beach on Cheung Chau
Above right: The Warwick (hotel).

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