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Hong Kong International Airport

The Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Yet since it is relatively new, it does not feel crowded - except when you need to line up to go through immigration (unless you are a Hong Kong resident).

Since the airport is located on an island (Lantau Island) away from the main parts of Hong Kong, it generally takes an hour or an hour and a half to get to or fro. see airport transportaion for more info

shops in the restricted area after immigrationsThere are shops in the departure level where you check in and above the shops there are restaurants.

Once you have gone through immigrations into the restricted area, there are more shops and restaurants. Actually there are more shops there than in the check-in area, varying from herbalist shops where you can buy ginseng and other expensive items to take back as a gift, to bookstores to get a novel for your long flight. (Left: shops in the restricted departure area.)

food court in the restricted area of the Hong Kong International AirportThe restaurants in the restricted departure area are arranged in a food-court style and there is plenty of seating. In the arrival level after you have come out of immigrations and customs, there are a few restaurants, including a coffee shop, but seating in the restaurants may not be easy to find especially during meal times. The coffee shop offers free internet terminals but you need to put down a deposit for the wireless mouse. Wifi seems quite weak in the airport, but I have not done extensive testing. (Above: food court in the restricted departure area.)

Above: captured by our candid camera, a beauty catching some sleep at the airport. Was that you?

If you have a long layover and want to find a place to nap, outside the restricted area is not the place to go. For one thing, it is patrolled by airport staff and no sleeping is allowed (unless there is a major storm stranding tons of people there). You should stay in the restricted area to catch your shuteye. After all there is plenty of seating, and there are actually some padded recliners for you to totally stretch out. They might be a bit difficult to find though since there are not that many, especially unoccupied. (Left: a recliner for a snooze in the restricted area.)


Above: a mini-playground near some departure gates at the Hong Kong airport. But I don't think baby-sitting is part of the outfit.
replica plane in departure hall of Hong Kong International Airport
Above: some dummy stuck inside the airport terminal in his old plane.


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