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Yum Yum hotel buffet dinner

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong Food Adventure Video

Hotels in Hong Kong are known for serving up a good buffet. Parties celebrating graduation, birthdays, and even weddings can often be spotted at four-star hotels around town.

The kind of food you can expect at hotel buffet dinners include western and eastern. And of course you can pretty much count on finding some Chinese food. Since Hong Kong taste buds favor Japanese sushi and sashumi, you can expect that as well, complete with wasabi.

When it comes to desserts, there would be both western and Chinese, or at least Hongkongese dishes. It seems some hotels even make sure there's such a wide variety that you can't have one of each in one evening. The Cafe TOO at Island Shangri-La hotel is like that. The section dedicated to desserts is certainly much bigger than that of salads. They even cook custom ordered crepes while you wait.

In terms of prices, they start at ~HK$350 for dinner buffet. Weekend food seems to cost more. Must be that the animals are harder to catch! And the price also goes higher during special days like Christmas, Mother's Day, New Year's, etc. Some even make you eat in shifts - giving you a time limit to stuff your face.

Hotel Buffet Prices

  • InterContinental Hotel - HK$718 - $738; 2.5 hr eating shifts on Sat (2012.9)
  • The Mira Hotel - HK$538 - $588 (2012.9)
  • Marco Polo HK Hotel - HK$438 - $488 (2012.9)
  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel - HK$438 - $458 (2012.9)
  • The City View - HK$428 - $468 (2012.9)
  • Harbour Plaza North Point - HK$368 - $388 (2012.9)
  • Island Pacific Hotel - HK$328 - $348 (2012.9)
  • Island Shangri-La Hotel - ? (No price information found on their website.) (2012.9)

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